When you win a Progressive Jackpot Online Mines Games Casino, what happens?

When you win a Progressive Jackpot Online Mines Games Casino, what happens?

You may have played numerous different progressive jackpot awarding games online, and may not yet have been lucky enough to have won one of them! However, if those are the types of online casino games you do religiously play then you may be wondering just what happens when you do actually win one of them.

If so, then please do spend some time reading through this guide for below we will explain what initially happens when that often once in a life time progressive jackpot is won by any player and the procedure in regards to how the casino will then verify that win and will then pay it out.

Keep in mind however that the actual number and types of progressive jackpots games is always on the increase and you are therefore going to find a huge number of different categories of casino games that do give players the chance of walking off with a huge amount of cash.

The range of games that you will now find offer progressive jackpots are of course slot games, but you will also find that you can play card and table games as well as lots of different video poker games on which a progressive jackpot is there for the taking too.

Winning a Progressive Jackpot

When you are lucky enough to win a progressive jackpot then the usual procedure is that a message will flash up on the slot game screen of the slot you are playing and when playing at an online casino or mobile casino site those winnings will be instantly credited to your casino account balance.

Hat will also happen is that the value of the jackpot you have just won will then instantly be reset to the seed value of that jackpot and as such it will then start to rise in value as more and more players play that slot.

However, it is true to say that many players will go into shock when they win a mega amount of money and it is not unheard of for such players to then contact the casino support team at the casino site they are playing at to get it confirmed they have just won that jackpot, even though the cash is available in their account balance!

With so many progressive jackpots on offer someone somewhere each ay will win at least one of them and sometimes lots of jackpots can be won on the very same day!

Being Paid Out a Progressive Jackpot Payout

Now, one thing that will be on your mind when you win a sizeable amount of cash from any progressive jackpot awarding casino game is just how long you are going to have to wait to get paid out your winnings.

Many casinos will congratulate you on your jackpot win and will pull out all of the stops to ensure your jackpot is paid out to you quickly and some casinos both online and mobile casinos even pay the jackpot via one single lump sum payout.

However, many casino sites will force you to have to withdraw a set amount of cash each day, each week or even each month, and by making the mistake of playing at such a casino site will see you being drip fed your jackpot which could take the casino many years to pay you out that jackpot payout in full!

Microgaming powered casinos are obliged to payout their jackpot winners in one payment and quickly too so you are going to be much better off playing at those casino sites as they will never make you wait to get paid out your winnings, and those winnings will be on their way to you once you have requested a withdrawal.


As you have just discovered it could take you a long time to get paid out your progressive jackpot winnings when playing at some casino sites, and when you have won a huge amount of cash you will always want to get paid out those winnings rapidly and with no long and drawn out time delays.

We would therefore invite you to take a good look through our selection of top rated casino sites, for every single one of those handpicked casinos are going to pay you out your winnings quickly and always by a method that is convenient to you.

If you are ever lucky enough to win a progressive jackpot of any size, then a soon as your jackpot winnings has been credited to your casino account balance make sure that the very next thing you do is to visit the banking or cashiers section of that casino site and withdraw a huge chunk or even the entire jackpot payout, for the sooner you do so the sooner it will be paid out to you!

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