Top Free Joker Poker to Mines Game Play With a Bonus

Top Free Joker Poker to Mines Game Play With a Bonus

  • Joker Poker is a Video Poker variation where the Joker acts as a Wild card
  • The RTP of this real money game can go up to 100%
  • You can practice Joker Poker for free with a bonus here

If you think that Video Poker is not for you, this only means that you haven’t found the right game variation yet.

Don’t be surprised if today is the day you fall in love with Joker Poker, because this is one of the most fun Poker variants out there.

It is, as I like to say, a game for everyone.

Those who like Slots find Joker Poker’s simplicity appealing. On the other hand, table game lovers appreciate the strategic side of this Casino game.

That’s why good online Casinos always include at least a few Joker Poker games to play for free.

What Makes Joker Poker Different from Other Video Poker Games?

If you have played any Video Poker machine at least once, you know what to expect from Joker Poker online.

However, there are a few differences from, say, Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild.

Here’s what makes Joker Poker so special:

  • It is played with a 53-card deck instead of the usual deck of 52 cards.
  • That’s because there’s an additional Joker that acts as a Wild card.

The pay table for the winning combinations may vary from game to game, but you’ll definitely find the usual top winning hands like full house or straight flush.

Best Free Joker Poker Video Poker Games Online

Here you see a few free Joker Poker games to play with a Casino bonus.

Read the review of each game and decide which one you like most. Then, get ready to spend an evening or two in hopes of hitting the natural royal flush.

After all, practice makes perfect. And you need a lot of it to become a Video Poker pro and beat the machine almost every time you play.

Pyramid Joker Poker
joker poker pyramid free play

Let’s start with a bit unusual version of Joker Poker – Pyramid Joker Poker by Bet Soft.

This one might take a couple of minutes to get used to. However, you won’t want to play anything else as soon as you get the gist of it.

Just take a quick look at the image. You see three tables instead of one. Let me explain them to you:

  • The first table. This Joker Poker paytable shows you the winning hand combinations of the first three cards. The maximum win here is 75 coins.
  • The second table. Here, you can see the main payouts of the game, as this table covers the winning hands of the whole five cards. You can win up to 4,000 coins.
  • The third table. This one covers the payouts of the last three cards. It lets you win up to 50 coins.

However, there’s no need to bet on all three tables at the same time (even though it’s pretty fun). The two side tables are optional – you can simply choose to bet on the main one.

To choose the number of the paytables and coins, keep clicking the button that says “Bet One”. You’ll see your total bet at the right side of the screen.

There’s one more Pyramid Joker Poker feature you should know about.

It’s the Double Up option.

Here, the virtual dealer gets one card, while you get to choose from four cards. You win if your card’s value is higher than the one of the dealer.

Pyramid Joker Poker lets you double your win up to four times in one go – and it’s quite possible. Just open the free Pyramid Joker Poker version and see for yourself.

Multihand Joker Poker
multihand joker poker

As you can already guess from the title, on Multihand Joker Poker by BetSoft Gaming you play multiple hands at the same time.

Before the game starts, you have to choose the number of hands you want to bet on.

However, in case you change your mind, you are not stuck with your decision for the rest of the gameplay. Just press the Change hands button at the far left.

You can play with 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 hands at once. In other words – go big or go home.

And here’s how you play Multihand Joker Poker:

  1. Choose the number of hands. Do it at the beginning of the game or click Change Hands.
  2. Set the value of one coin. To do this, click on Choose Coin.
  3. Click the Deal button.

Then, of course, pick the cards you want to hold (up to five) and click Deal once again.

When you win, this free Joker Video Poker game gives you the chance to gamble your win in hopes to double it up.

There are also three levels of dealing speed available. You can either take things slow – or significantly speed up the process.

Texas Hold’em Joker Poker
joker poker texas hold'em

This is one of the most interesting free Video Poker games online, as it combines elements of the classic Texas Hold’em Poker with Video Poker machines.

So, how do you play Texas Hold’em Joker Poker?

It’s quite simple – once you get a hold of it. Just set the coin value (from 0.01 to 1), the coin number (from 1 to 5), and click the Deal button. This will get you three pairs of cards.

Now, you have to choose which hand you want to keep.

Then, click the Deal button again and check out what you’ve won (or not).

But wait – there’s one more thing you should be aware of when playing this Joker Poker Video Poker machine.

Texas Hold’em Joker Poker has an RTP of 95.3 percent when played with one to four coins.

However, if you set your coin number to the max, the RTP of this Joker Poker game increases to 97.3 percent.

If you’re eager to play this online game for real money, all you need to do is to try out the free version and practice until you max out your Joker Poker skills.

Get that Joker Wild and beat the machine!

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