The Top 7 Poker Mines Games Tips Rooms for Low Stakes Players in Las Vegas

The Top 7 Poker Mines Games Tips Rooms for Low Stakes Players in Las Vegas

If you’ve ever felt the spine-tingling rush of doing a two-handed push of stacks of chips totaling over two million dollars, while defiantly shouting, “All in,” and flopping down what you’re sure are the winning cards… congratulations.

There’s not a lot of folks out there who can say they’ve ever done that. Sure, everyone wishes they could be high rollers (and know they have the skill if they just had the bankroll.) Still, for many, playing poker for a few dollars a hand is more suited to their bankroll and, let’s face it, can be just as thrilling.

This is true even in Vegas, the city that draws in players with promises of huge pots and payouts. While you can certainly play in a high stakes game, Vegas has figured out how to make every type of entertainment fun.

You might as well give a low stakes game a try. You probably won’t walk away with as much money as a high stakes game, but chances are you won’t lose as much money, either.

Most importantly: when the chips are down and it’s just you against the other person, the adrenaline will kick in, and your heart will start to race no matter the size of the pot.

1 – Arizona Charlie’s Casino

Located about 10 minutes from the Strip, Arizona Charlie’s offers $1/$2 stake games every day of the week. A place where the locals go, Arizona Charlie’s is a bit of a throwback to the Rat Pack days of yesteryear.

Feel free to belly up to the table, light up a cigarette (not something you can do at a lot of casinos anymore) and get ready to play some lower stakes poker with residents of the city. That and the old-school feel of the poker room are both worth stopping by the casino to check it all out. Then you can stay for the low-pressure poker, have some fun, and maybe bring home a few pots.

2 – Bally’s

Bally’s offers three ways for the low stakes player to get theirs kicks all in the same poker room. First, like Arizona Charlie’s Casino, Bally’s offers games that start with $1/$2 stakes and move up to the still quite reasonable $3/$6 games.

Bally’s Poker Room in Las Vegas

For those looking for a little more action, limit Texas hold ‘em cash games fire off all day, which is great for the multiple $60 no limit hold ‘em tournaments that happen all day.

What makes Bally’s really great is the atmosphere. Bally’s is a very player-friendly place to play poker. They may not pack in the glitz and glamor of some of the newer luxury casinos, but you won’t miss the bling when you’re enjoying a nice cocktail, some delicious food, and the crowd of folks who are there to have a good time playing cards. There’s a reason why Bally’s has been around, and the poker room is part of it.

3 – Flamingo Poker Room

Why wouldn’t you want to gamble a lot of money at a hotel where pink is the answer to everything? This must have been the thought of the Flamingo Casino when they built and furnished it. Actually, all kidding aside, the unique design of the Flamingo Casino adds to its charm and helps ensure that the older, but still hopping casino continues to draw a crowd.

The poker room helps, too! The Flamingo is another great casino for Texas hold ‘em where one can come for the low limit games and stay for one of the numerous $60 no limit tournaments started throughout the day.

Flamingo Poker Room in Las Vegas

Those tournaments are where the Flamingo really shines. Attracting a crowd that wants to play, but not win at all costs, means that poker players of all skill levels can find their game. Plus, the small $60 buy-in allows players to feel good about staying to gamble.

4 – Golden Nugget

Some discerning poker players might never consider an older casino like the Golden Nugget just because it lacks the glamor of some of the new hotels. Other poker players might think Fremont Street is too far for poker when the Strip beckons with its neon lights.

Those poker players would be missing out on one of the most exciting places to play Texas hold ‘em in Vegas. Even better, the Golden Nugget offers a little something for the player who doesn’t want to lose her entire wallet playing.

At the Golden Nugget, you have two options: limit or no-limit Texas hold ‘em.

  • No-Limit hold ‘em is great if that’s your thing. There’s no cap and just a $100 minimum buy-in to get started.
  • If No-Limits sounds like it might be a bit rich for your blood, the limit games have a mere $20 buy-in and $2/$4 stakes.

Add good food, cocktails, and great comps, and there’s no reason not to play the Golden Nugget.

5 – MGM Grand Poker Room

Well, according to their website, the MGM Grand Poker Room is the “No Limit Capital of Las Vegas.” While a few other rooms on this list might doubt that claim, what is certain is the MGM Grand as some stake to that claim.

It is a great place to play $1/$2 stakes no-limit poker, $2/$6 limit poker, participate in one of two $65 buy-in tournaments, or two $100 buy-in tournaments that run throughout the day.

Poker Players Playing at the MGM Grand Poker Room

Still, even if you come to the MGM Grand for the poker, you should stay for all the little perks like early morning massages, food, and drinks at the table, and lots of non-smoking places where you can play cards until you drop. All in all, the MGM really does do its best to earn its title of No Limit Capital.

6 – The Venetian

The Venetian poker room proves you can have the glitz and the low stakes poker all in one place. At the Venetian, you have two options: Texas hold ‘em or Omaha poker. Hold ‘em has $1/$3 stakes for the low stakes player and much higher stakes for those looking to play for more. Omaha’s lowest stakes are $4/$8, making it one of the higher levels for the low stakes player.

With That Said:

What sets the Venetian apart from other casinos is the décor and the competition. The Venetian poker room is separate from the rest of the casino, enveloping players in all the little Italian touches made famous by a casino with an indoor set of canals.

Even better, the name of the Venetian alone attracts more skilled players. Although, that can be hit-or-miss. Fortunately, whether you are sitting next to a poker pro or a total newbie, the cocktails at the Venetian are free to poker players, and the food is brought to the table. All of this adds up to a very nice poker experience.

7 – Aria

When it comes to the low stakes player, the Aria offers fewer choices than some of the other casinos. Also, because of its reputation and prestige, it attracts a more hardcore type of player than you’re likely to run across even at a place like the MGM Grand.

Still, just because the Aria doesn’t have a lot of choices for the low stakes player does not mean that there aren’t any. Aria has $1/$3 stakes tables and, for those who don’t mind spending a little more money, a $125 no-limit Texas hold ‘em tournament.

The important thing isn’t so much the tournament. It’s the poker room and the hotel itself.

There are a lot of folks who think that low stakes is an insult. They go as far to say that one will never play in a nice hotel without being willing to lose a lot of cash. The poker room at the Aria proves all of that is just nonsense.

This hotel is one of the nicest anywhere on the Strip, yet it is more than happy to do $1/$3 stakes while serving food and complimentary drinks all at the same.

This isn’t to say that the other poker rooms aren’t great places to go. Each casino has its own character and crowd.


The next time you head to Sin City with a wad of cash in your pocket, remember one thing: there are plenty of places for you to play even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You can hit the Strip, hit Fremont Street, or find places a little less traveled. All of these places will welcome you, serve you a few drinks, and let you play the game of poker you love.

Sure, stories are told about playing the main table at a luxury casino. Nonetheless, bankrolls can be made (or at least preserved) playing a low stakes game in a poker room every bit as comfortable, welcoming, and fun as those other big fancy casinos.

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