The Best Online Mines Games Easy Way Casino for Beginners

The Best Online Mines Games Easy Way Casino for Beginners

The best casino games for beginners are easy to understand and still offer the chance to win large amounts of money. Games that offer low betting limits are also great for first-time players. Playing online makes it easy to find simple casino games with low stakes, as well.

Which are the easiest online casino games for new players to learn? I will tell you why each game is ideal for players who are inexperienced gamblers. You can also find all of the games on my list at the top online casinos.


The first game on my list of the best casino games for beginners is a classic card game: blackjack. This game is so simple that many people learn to play it when they’re kids.

One of the reasons blackjack is so easy to learn is that the objective is simple. All you need to do to win is beat the dealer’s total without going over 21. The basic moves of the game, like hitting or doubling down, are also easy to learn..

There are many advanced blackjack strategies that use advantage play techniques. But you do not need to master card counting or other advanced systems to succeed.

Blackjack players can find consistent success by using basic blackjack strategy. That basic strategy tells players what to do on every possible hand. Experienced players often have this system memorized, but new online players can use a reference sheet as needed.

Some examples of basic blackjack strategy include:

  • Always split a pair of Aces
  • Stand on a soft 20
  • Never split a pair of 10-point cards

Following basic strategy can help even inexperienced players find immediate success. As you get more used to the game, you can start using more advanced strategies. Also, you can start playing blackjack variations that have additional side bet options.


Next up on my list of the easiest games for beginner gamblers to learn is online bingo. Like blackjack, many people learn the basics of bingo when they are still kids. It is a popular game for charity events as well, so a lot of non-gamblers have tried their hand at this classic game.

Basic bingo is very easy to play once you acclimate to the pace of the game. The bingo caller will do most of the work. All you need to do is mark off the winning numbers from your card as they are called.

Online bingo is different, but that is not a bad thing for inexperienced players. Video bingo games are even easier to play than traditional in-person games. In most games, the computer will reveal all of the winning numbers at once.

Also, the computer will mark off winning numbers on your card for you. The only thing you have to do is decide how many cards you want to play and what you want to bet on each card.

Video bingo games usually have bonus options, but they are easy to understand. For example, some games will have a bonus round that is unlocked by a specific winning bingo pattern. Certain games also have a buy ball feature that allows you to purchase more winning numbers.

Sic Bo

Another good option for players who are new to playing real money casino games is Sic Bo. This Chinese dice game is very similar to craps, but it is much easier to understand.

In craps, one of the players betting on the game has to be the shooter. But in Sic Bo, the dealer is the one who handles the dice. Also, there are fewer betting options in Sic Bo, so it is easier to learn than craps.

The basic goal of Sic Bo is to predict the outcome of the three dice the dealer rolls. You can bet on a specific number or a range of numbers. The more specific your bet, the better your potential payout odds are.

Sic Bo is also similar to roulette, another extremely popular casino game. For instance, the big/small and odd/even bets are similar to red/black and odd/even wagers in roulette. They all have nearly a 50% chance of hitting and offer a 1:1 payout.

New players can make Sic Bo easier by using an odds reference sheet, just like craps and roulette players do. A well-made reference sheet can help you pick wagers that have a low house edge.


The next game on my list is baccarat, specifically the Punto Banco version of the game. In Punto Banco, the casino is in charge of banking every hand. Also, Players can wager on either the “dealer” or “player” hand each round..

Other versions of the game require a player to act as the banker. Also, the player and dealer can only bet on their assigned hand.

Punto Banco is a simplified version of the game, which is one reason why it is the most popular version in the US. The recommended strategy for new Punto Banco players is also easy to understand. The best option for receiving the lowest house edge is to bet on the “banker” hand every time.

You will have to pay a 5% commission in most Punto Banco games if you bet on the dealer. Even with this added cost, your expected return to player (RTP) is higher by betting on the dealer.

Video Poker

Video poker is a popular electronic game that anyone with a basic understanding of poker can succeed at. All you need to do to win is get a five-card poker hand that beats the minimum qualifying score. For example, in Jacks or Better, you need to have a final hand that is a pair of Jacks or better.

Unlike real money Texas Hold’em and other poker variations, you are not playing against other people in video poker. This means that you do not need to worry about reading poker player tells, bluffing, or tournament strategies.

Instead, you need to focus on betting the preset hand. As a result, video poker is usually much easier to play than traditional poker. Also, most video poker strategies are easier to learn than regular poker systems, and many new players use reference cards.

Video poker is also a lot faster-paced than regular poker. Since you are playing by yourself, you can play at a slow pace when you are first starting out. But once you get the hang of the game, you can play a lot more hands of video poker per hour than most other poker-based games.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Another type of poker that new gamblers should consider playing is Caribbean Stud Poker. Like video poker, this game pits the player against the dealer. Also, you start with five cards, but unlike video poker, you do not get to exchange any of your cards for new ones.

Also, players have more betting opportunities in Caribbean Stud Poker than in most video poker titles. Once you have seen your cards, you have a chance to fold or raise the bet. Your raise has to be equal to your original stake, and the dealer has to call.

This allows you to cash in on strong hands and win more money. Also, it is important to note that you are not trying to beat a specific hand. Instead, like blackjack, all you need to do to win is beat the dealer’s hand.

Some casino sites, like Bovada, even offer Caribbean Stud Poker with a progressive jackpot. This side bet usually only costs a dollar to make and gives you a chance at a six-figure or larger jackpot.

Slot Machines

Rounding out my list of the best casino games for beginners is online slot games. Online slots are one of the easiest casino games to play. In most games, all you need to do is click the spin button, and you will be on your way to potentially winning money.

Various Online Casino Games

One of the biggest decisions for new slot players to make is what types of themes they want to play. There are tons of slot themes to choose from, including:

  • Holiday slots
  • Cleopatra Slots
  • Superheroes
  • Classic
  • Movies

There are other considerations, too, like bonuses and jackpot options. The top slot casinos, like DuckyLuck Casino, will often have free versions of games available. These are great resources for new slot players who want to try games without spending any money.

What Casino Games Did You Start With?

Casino games are fun to play, but some require complicated strategies to win. Luckily, the best casino games for beginners are easy to understand and usually do not involve a lot of strategy. Check out the list above to see the best games for new casino players that you can try today at our top real money online casinos.

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