The 10 Best Casinos on the Planet for Blackjack Mines Games Bonus Players

The 10 Best Casinos on the Planet for Blackjack Mines Games Bonus Players

Blackjack players are in no short supply of attractive options when it comes to finding their favorite games. Blackjack is among the most popular casino games in the world, and you’ll find tables at many different limits in any casino worth its salt.

Still, a few casinos stand out above the others and offer a unique experience for blackjack players. These are the 10 best casinos on the planet for blackjack players.

1 – Aria

Aria is one of the finest casinos on the planet, and it’s my go-to spot whenever I visit Las Vegas.

Blackjack players at Aria are welcomed by a wealth of table options and different table limits. Aria caters to everyone from the mid-level player up to the high rollers.

Many of the tables offer friendly rules such as stay on 17 and re-splitting aces. The one Achilles heel at Aria is that they’ve joined many Vegas casinos in the trend of paying 6:5.

I won’t play blackjack on a 6:5 table, and neither should you. Save that for the newbies and those that are in Vegas strictly for the party.

When you sit down at a 6:5 blackjack table, you’re nearly doubling the edge the casino holds on the player.

Fortunately, Aris still has several 3:2 games as the gambling gods intended, but you’ll have to be on the lookout.

2 – WinStar World Casino

What better place to sit down and play blackjack than the largest casino in the world? It’s possibly the largest casino in the universe, but there’s no way of knowing what those aliens are up to these days.

WinStar has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a bingo hall. WinStar World Casino is the number one leisure destination in the United States.

I’ve spent hours at the blackjack tables just north of the Red River, and each time I enjoy myself more than the last.

WinStar World Casino

You’ll find friendly table rules and even warmer dealers at WinStar. I can’t recall seeing a 6:5 table on the property, but I’m pretty sure they exist.

The only problem I have with blackjack games at WinStar World Casino is the $0.50 ante on each hand. Now, it’s my understanding that this has to do with Oklahoma’s gaming legislation. There’s no way for the casino to get around it.

Still, that $1 every two hands can add up, especially if you’re not having a perfect session in the first place.

Overall, WinStar is a fabulous casino with a ton to offer all casino gamblers.

3 – Venetian Macau

The Venetian Casino in Macau, China, has over 800 table games. That’s a sea of gaming options to choose from during their visit.

The gambling climate is slightly different in Macau than in the United States. Here, blackjack and roulette rule the casino floor, with other games sprinkled onto the floor strategically.

In Macau, baccarat is the king of the casinos. Baccarat tables in Macau outnumber the blackjack tables by as many as 8 to 1.

However, this is actually great news for casino blackjack players. Most of the players at Venetian Macau will be focused on the baccarat tables.

That leaves plenty of table options for blackjack players. You won’t be relegated to roaming the casino floor for hours in hopes of finding an available seat.

You’ll also be playing in one of the best casinos on the planet. The Venetian has tables with player-friendly rules and accommodates almost any action you’re interested in throwing down.

4 – Foxwoods Casino

Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut enjoyed a 20-year reign as the largest casino in the world. That title has been handed over to the WinStar, but Foxwoods is still a behemoth casino.

Foxwoods Casino is home to over 250 table games, and blackjack is a leading contributor to the action.

Foxwoods Casino

Several gaming options welcome blackjack enthusiasts at Foxwoods. The tables have table limits that are manageable on any bankroll, and you’ll find many sets of rules.

I encourage you to browse a bit before you settle on a game. There’s no reason to play a 6:5 game when there may be a 3:2 table 40 feet away.

Always pay attention and do your recon before settling on a specific table.

5 – Excalibur

The Excalibur casino in Las Vegas is one of the long time favorites for savvy blackjack players. The MGM property has relatively standard rules, and the $25 double-deck game is among the best in town.

You’re not going to have much trouble finding 3:2 tables at Excalibur. If you’re in town trying to make a buck, the 0.58% house edge is going to be tough to beat.

Excalibur is also an excellent choice for those traveling to Vegas with the family.

The resort is lauded as one of the best family first resorts in Las Vegas.

The kids can play all day while the adults lounge poolside, and when the kids are in bed, the adults can slip away to play some of the best blackjack games in the world.

6 – 888Casino

We’re at a point in history that the virtual world is delicately intertwined with the physical. Most of our daily lives revolve around technology and the internet.

So, it only fits that a few of the online casinos are among the best casinos on the planet for blackjack players.

888Casino has been a leader in the online casino arena for years. Now that live dealers’ addition has hit the online platform, the player experience is incredibly close to what you’d get by traveling to the nearest brick and mortar casino.

It may even be better. There is a litany of advantages to playing in an online casino.

One tremendous advantage is the convenience. The live dealer blackjack tables are available 24/7, and you can play from the comfort of your own home.

Never having to leave the house is a beautiful way to save on time. Still, the money saved on travel and accommodations can stretch your gambling bankroll even further.

The online casinos are surely here to stay and may become a blackjack player’s best friend.

7 – MGM Grand

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is among the most popular casinos on the planet for a reason. They are exceptional in every regard.

A vast array of blackjack tables welcomes blackjack players that stroll into the MGM. Most of the games are played on a six-deck shoe, but there are several double-deck games if you search.

The table minimum starts at $25, and you’ll need to hunt for a table that pays 3:2. Most of the games require the dealer to hit on soft 17.

Blackjack players at the MGM Grand will love the atmosphere and sheer selection of games.

8 – Luxor Casino

The Luxor Casino is another Las Vegas icon on the list of best casinos for blackjack players. Luxor Casino offers two-deck and eight-deck games.

The rules are mostly as you’d expect in Vegas and the double-deck games are the best bang for your buck. Unfortunately, the tables offering double deck games pale in comparison to the eight-decks.

Luxor Casino

The Luxor also offers a high-limit six-deck game where the table minimum is $100.

The Luxor offers games to match almost any preference or bankroll. Be sure to stop in and give them a try the next time you’re in Sin City.

9 – Jackpot City

You may not be familiar with Jackpot City. That’s likely because this is another of the online casinos that offer live dealer blackjack.

Jackpot City has excellent rules and a low house edge. Pair that with the lucrative welcome bonus, and you have a real winner.

The 20 live dealer tables operate 24/7/365, and you can play as many tables as you’d like. It’s becoming more and more apparent that the online casinos are not only staying on the scene; they may be running some land-based casinos out of town.

10 – Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is almost as enchanting for blackjack players as it is for kids. In fact, the fantastic Shark Reef Aquarium can be as great for adults.

This casino offers a number of blackjack variants, including Blackjack Switch. Players can find several different rules and table limits.

Mandalay Bay

The high-limit games are two-deck games with special table rules. Still, it’s not just the big bankrolls that can benefit from the table rules at Mandalay Bay.

Mandalay Bay is a Las Vegas staple that genuinely caters to the blackjack player. The casino’s house edge of only 0.25% is a prime example of why it’s a solid choice.


Whether you prefer to do your casino gambling in person or online, the 10 best casinos on the planet for blackjack players offer something for everyone.

Players have more choices than ever as to how and where they do their gambling. The hyper-competitive casino market is full of excellent games.

The trick is that you’ll need to know where to find them and what to look for ahead of time.

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