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A slot tournament is an event hosted by online casinos where players go head-to-head playing video slots to win cash prizes, free spins, or physical rewards. Some tournaments are free to enter, while others require you to pay a buy-in fee. With the right slots tournament strategy, you can shift the odds into your favor – and walk away with thousands of dollars in prizes in the process.

Introduction to Slots Tournaments

Whether you play online slots in PA or in any other US state, tournaments are a fantastic way of enjoying the conventional casino game in an unconventional manner. They allow you to play alongside other players, enjoying your favorite video slots – with the chance of winning large prizes, too.

On this page, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about slots tournaments. We’ll look at how they work, the different formats – how much money you can win – and the best strategy to follow to maximize your chances of walking away a winner.

What Are Slots Tournaments?

Slots tournaments are special competitions run by online casinos that allow players to compete against one another to try and win a prize. Every player will receive a set number of credits, and a time limit. The player who achieves the highest win is declared the winner – winning a prize, which can include free spins, bonus cash, or other rewards.

Some slots tournaments online are free to enter; these are known as free rolls. Others require players to pay an entry fee. Generally, the latter offer larger prize pools. Leading online casinos run slots tournaments throughout the day, although the larger ones generally run in the evening, or over the weekend.

Some casinos run tournaments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while others run them on certain days. Friday and Saturday are usually the best times to play, as this is when most players are online, allowing the prize pools to be as big as possible.

You’ll find several types of slots tournaments, and we’ve highlighted the main ones in the table below.

FreerollFreerolls are free tournaments, although you’ll often have to have deposited a certain amount to enter. They can have real cash prizes, which are usually small.
Paid TournamentThese cost money to enter. They usually have fewer contestants than freerolls, plus the prizes are generally high.
Highest Individual WinThe goal of this tournament type is to land the highest single prize. The total amount you win is not factored into rankings.
Highest WinningsThe winner of this tournament type is the player to win the most money in total, meaning all wins they scoop are added together to create a final total.
How Do Slots Tournaments Work?

Slots tournaments online are very easy to participate in, and casinos offering them usually provide detailed guidance on how to join. At most sites, the casino will announce which slot machine (or machines) the next tournament will be focused around. You will then need to opt-in to the tournament, and make sure to start playing the game when prompted.

You will be given special credits that have no cash value; when you load up the slot machine, you will be using this free money. Simply spin the reels until you run out of time.

Many online casinos will also display a leaderboard that updates in real time. This allows you to view your current position in the tournament, and how many players are currently beating you. Prizes are often shown in this leaderboard, too, so you can see whether you’re currently in a winning position.

What Can You Win From a Slots Tournament?

A casino slot tournament can award you a wide variety of prizes. Online slot tournaments often award winning players free spins; often, these free spins can be used on the same slot that you were playing during the tournament.

However, some of the larger tournaments feature cash prizes. Depending on the casino you play at, these prizes can be worth thousands of dollars. Ultimately, it depends on how much the tournament entry fee costs; the higher the entry, the greater the prize pool – usually.

If you’re playing in a free-to-enter tournament, the prizes will generally be worth a lot less. However, even these free-to-enter tournaments can offer prizes worth hundreds, so they’re not to be sniffed at!

Types of Slot Machine Tournaments

Whether you’re interested in learning how to win slot machine tournaments, or simply want to find out more about how they work – you should also understand the different types of tournaments you’ll find on offer. Below, we will look at a few of the most popular formats you’re likely to find.

Scheduled Tournaments:

Scheduled tournaments are, by far, the most common type of tournament you’ll find at online casinos. They start – and finish – at a set date and time, and to participate, you must opt-in once the tournament registration is open. Scheduled tournaments can last from as little as 15 minutes, to as long as a few months!

Sit’n Go Tournaments:

These are generally fast-paced, quick – and exciting. Online casinos offering Sit’n Go tournaments generally run them 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and as soon as the minimum required number of players is met, the tournament will begin. These tournaments can last as little as ten minutes, so it’s important to be on time and play your spins as quickly as you can.

Comped Tournaments:

Comped tournaments – also known as VIP tournaments – are not open to the general public; you must earn your way into them. Usually, this is achieved by wagering a certain amount of money in a given time period, or by being a VIP at the site. Comped tournaments often boast larger prize pools, and they’re not usually a daily occurrence.

Extender Tournaments:

Extender tournaments allow you to “rebuy” yourself back into the tournament if you bust out. It’s like playing poker; for an additional fee, you can re-enter the tournament if you’ve already lost However, you’re still not guaranteed to win a prize, and this type of tournament can end up getting expensive, so always set a budget – and stick to it.

Slot Tournament Tips

If you’re wondering about how to win a slot tournament, it’s important that you understand, ultimately, it’s all down to luck. Even the best slot tournament strategy can only take you so far. That being said, there are some slot machine tournament tips you can follow; when followed, these can slightly improve your chances of winning. Below, we look at some important slot machine tournament strategy tips to keep in mind while playing.

  • Play Fast: Most slot tournament online competitions give you a short period of time to complete your spins. With this time limit in place, it’s important that you try to win as much as possible – in as little time as possible. While many players assume the “auto-spin” feature is beneficial, you may be able to get through more spins if you spin manually.
  • Bet at Max Credits: Almost all video slots allow you to change the bet; if you’re playing in a tournament that focuses on the maximum overall win, rather than the highest times stake win, you should bet as high as possible from the offset. Remember, the tournament is all about winning as much money as you can, so always bet at the highest limit possible.
  • Bet on the Maximum Number of Paylines: Today, many slots have done away with a conventional payline structure – using a “ways to win” mechanic, instead. However, if you are playing a tournament that does feature slots with paylines, you should always play the highest number available.This will maximize the chances of you hitting a big win.
  • Concentrate! You’d be amazed at how quickly the time can pass when you’re indulging in a slots tournament. Unfortunately, casinos tend to be pretty strict with time – and you really do need to play-through your available spins as quickly as possible. This is why we recommend devoting your full attention to the tournament. Put your phone away, close other tabs, and play through your spins as quickly as you can!
Slot Tournament Games

The tournament slots available vary – a lot – depending on the casino you’re playing at. Many online slot tournament promotions will be based around the release of a new game; this is a way of promoting the game to players, and it’s usually a successful marketing technique.

However, there are times when you’ll find a slot machine tournament on a classic, well-known game – and one of the most popular of these is NetEnt’s Starburst. Built around a classic 5-reel, 3-row format, Starburst contains an exciting expanding-wild-respin feature, where the middle three reels can all transform into wild reels!

Play’n Go’s Book of Dead is another popular tournament slot- and you’ll be going in search of long-lost treasures as you play. The goal is to trigger the free spins bonus round, where one symbol is chosen to expand, at random – and landing five of the top symbol awards a payout worth 5,000 times your stake!

If you’re looking for great tournaments, make sure you understand all slots. You can find out about some of the more popular slots by reading about the best slots in Michigan.

Slots Tournament Online FAQs

Using the slot tournament tips on this page, you’ll stand a great chance of succeeding when you play tournaments online. If you play at the right times, and choose the right tournaments, you can end up winning some great prizes! So you understand slots tournaments better, we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions below.

How do you win a slot tournament?

There are a few factors to take into account when playing a tournament; firstly, you should always make sure you register on time. Choose a game you’re familiar with and give yourself plenty of time to complete the spins. Make sure you check out our slot tournament tips section for more strategies to maximize your chances of winning.

Where can I play slot tournaments??

Today, many online casinos offer tournaments; however, choosing the right site is very important, as it affects the amount of money you can win, alongside your odds of winning. If you’d like to play slots in West Virginia, check out our page, where you’ll find a great range of slots, with great prizes available.

What are the best slots?

When you’re playing tournaments, you should look for low variance games; these slots will pay out frequently, and their bonus rounds will generally trigger more frequently than their high variance counterparts. If you want to maximize your chances of winning a tournament, make sure to understand the top online slots in the US.

Which casino should I play at?

Today, thousands of online casinos are operational; however, not all casinos are created equal, and if you want to play online slots for real money and have a solid chance of winning a tournament, you should always choose a site that’s licensed, trusted, and has fast payouts. Feel free to browse the casinos listed here on our website, as these have all been hand-picked and vetted by our team of online gambling experts.

Are there different types of slots tournaments?

Yes! Many online casinos will offer more than one format, allowing you to choose a tournament you’re actually interested in. Many tournaments run on a buy-in basis, but some online casinos offer freerolls, rebuy tournaments, and rapid tournaments. You can view all tournament formats here.

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