Progressive Slots Mines Game Casino worth Playing in July

Progressive Slots Mines Game Casino worth Playing in July

2014 is certainly passing us by, and today being the 1st of July we have decided to dedicate today’s slot related article to presenting you with a range of progressive slot games that may be worth your time and effort playing this month.

There are dozens of different progressive slot games on offer at most online casino sites, and the way that you can actually win the jackpot varies on many slots. With this in mind we invite you to have a read through this article and hopefully it will assist you in being able to make an informed decision on just which progressive slots you should play throughout July!

Win a Share of Someone Else’s Progressive Jackpot Win!

As amazing as it may seem you could win a share of someone else’s progressive jackpot if you choose to play a recently launched slot game which is only available at Playtech powered casino sites!

This slot game is the Everybody’s’ Jackpot slot, and by playing it and having wagered a certain amount of cash before the jackpot was won, you may qualify for a percentage share of the jackpot! The progressive jackpot is split up into a 70% share for the actual jackpot winner and two 15% shares for qualifying players!

This is certainly a slot to play each day, for by doing so and playing the required amount of spins and wagers if a player wins the jackpot, and you have played each day, then you will be guaranteed of getting your equal share of that progressive jackpot!

A Chance to Win on Each Spin You Play

What better type of progressive slot game to play than one that is going to give you the chance, irrespective of how much you are wagering per spin or the number of paylines you are playing, of winning one of several different progressive jackpots.

There are several slots on offer at casinos using the Real Time Gaming platform along with the Microgaming software platform that are known as random jackpot slots, and when you have a small slot playing budget but want the thrill of playing a slot that could award you with a huge jackpot payout, then these are the types of slots you should consider playing this month or in fact at any time of the year!

Look out for Microgaming’s range of Mega Moolah slots as they are the slots which have such a randomly awarded set of progressive jackpots on offer, and if you choose to play at a Real Time Gaming powered online casino then look out for their very large range of Real Series slots!

Try a Low Stake Progressive Slot

There are several progressive slots that may be worth a try this July, one that stands out is the Tunzamunni slot, its jackpot has been growing steady over the last few weeks and it now stands at a value that certainly makes the slot worth getting stuck into!

When you play this slot you need to be aware that it has one single payline, and when playing it you can play one to five coins on that payline per spin. As the coin values cannot be adjusted, and are fixed at 0.05 that maximum five coin bet will of course cost you in total 0.25.

Also one other thing you need to keep in mind to win the jackpot, apart from getting the five logo symbols spin in on the payline you have to play all five coins per spin, otherwise you win a much smaller fixed coin jackpot payout, so make sure if you do decide to give it a whirl you put into play maximum bet spins!

How about a Multi Spin Slot

Should you be one of our high rolling, slot playing website visitors then there is a slot which we think is going to be worth you playing this July, for is currently has a massive jackpot available and by playing this particular slot you will have six times more chances of winning than you would have if you chose to play its sister game!

The slot we are talking about is the Major Millions Mega Spin slot game. This slot is very unique in as much as when you play it, on the slot screen you will see six sets of reels, and by playing a maximum 3 coin wager on each of those six slots you will be playing all of them when you click on the spin button!

Whilst it is true to say when you play this slot you do run the risk of losing six times more quickly than when playing the single game version of Major Millions, you will have plenty of additional chances of not only spinning in the jackpot paying combination but also all of the other high paying winning reel combinations.


When you are contemplating having a session playing slot games, always try and allocate a small amount of your available budget to playing progressive slot games. Whilst the actual odds of you spinning in the jackpot paying combination, or being awarded a progressive jackpot at random, you will only have a chance of winning a life changing jackpot if you actually give those games offering such a jackpot some play time!

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