Master the Ultimate Glossary of Mines Games Easy Way Poker Terms & Slang For Better Gameplay

Master the Ultimate Glossary of Mines Games Easy Way Poker Terms & Slang For Better Gameplay

Poker is one of the most popular casino games, but to become a pro, you’ll need to learn the lingo too. There are many different poker terms, and we don’t expect you to remember them all, so we have created this ultimate glossary!rak

Poker is a card game, and you aim to get the best poker hand to win the pot. The pot is the total amount of money players have wagered during the game. You’ll need to learn poker terms and phrases like All-in, Fold and Flush to help you become a better player, which is why we’ve included all the most important ones in our glossary.

We’ll start you off with some basic poker terms which centre a lot around betting and move onto more complicated poker slang terms so the next time you play a hand, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and can pull your best poker face!

Basic Poker Terms

Poker is a fun and enjoyable game, and once you know how to play, you can start building a strategy. A big part of learning y poker is knowing the poker terms and phrases. The terms we’re about to show in this first section of the blog are the ones you’re likely to come across on a day-to-day basis.

These terms are vital in helping you play the best you possibly can, and if you’re going to pull off the best poker hand, you need to go equipped, right?


This is one of the most basic poker terms and refers to playing the game or simply making a bet. The term could also describe one of the betting options that can take place, such as Bet, Raise, Call, and Fold. You can read more about how to play poker in an earlier blog of ours.


This is the first bet you will make, and you must do this before your hand is dealt. Once everyone has placed their Ante, it will give the pot a value.


This is when you bet with all of your remaining chips during a poker hand.


When you complete a hand using both your turn and river cards, also known as hitting a “backdoor flush”.

Bad Beat

This refers to a highly-ranked poker hand that gets beaten by a higher-ranking hand. The term bad beat refers to the unfortunate event of a high-ranking hand being unexpectedly beaten.


This refers to the community cards used with your pocket cards to create the best possible hand.


Bubble refers to a player in a tournament that does not win a prize. An example of this is when there are, say, 300 players and the top 30 players win a prize. The Bubble player would be the one who finishes in 31st place and misses out on a prize.


This refers to the top card of a deck that is discarded (burned). The card won’t usually be shown, and this is often done to prevent card counting.


When you add the minimum required bet to the pot to carry on playing.


If you want to keep your hand but pass the action onto the next player, you can ‘check’. Action from subsequent players means the action can come back to you to either raise, call, or fold.

Community Cards

Your community cards are essential, and they are the cards that will be dealt face-up, usually in the centre of the table. You can use these cards to help you create a better poker hand.


This is when a card on the board devalues your card. If you have a pair, but the board has two better pairs, you have been ‘counterfeited’. It also means that players with a card higher than your pair can now beat you.


The player in charge of shuffling the deck and dealing the cards.


You may Draw in a game of poker if your hand is incomplete but more cards would make it more valuable. This hand is then referred to as a Draw or Drawing Hand.

Drawing Dead

This is when you draw, but you know that not a single card in the deck will give you a winning hand.


Once the first round of betting has finished, the first three community cards are referred to as a flop.


When you create a poker hand that consists of five cards that are all the same suit.


If you fold, you surrender your hand, and you must place your cards face down on the poker table. You will lose any bets you have already made and should only use the action when you think your hand is too weak to bet against everyone else.

Full House

This is when your poker hand consists of three of a kind and a pair (must be a different pair).


A term that refers to your basic poker hand that is made up of your poker cards and the community cards.


Playing against a single player.


If your hand is the same as your opponent’s during a showdown, it will be the player with the highest kicker that wins. The kicker is determined by the highest card that completes a poker hand, so if your highest card beats your opponent’s highest card, you win!


If there is a limit, there will be a maximum cap on raises and bets.


If you fold, you will toss your cards “into the muck”. Muck is merely the pile of cards that have been discarded during the game.


This is the opposite of limit (see above). A game with no-limit means you can place all of your chips and you are not restricted to a maximum bet or raise.


A category of games characterised by a part of each player’s hand being exposed.


This is when you have either four or five cards needed to make a straight but it can be completed on either end.


An out card can improve your hand and it is an unseen card that will complete your hand and make it stronger.


Two cards of the same rank.

Pocket Cards

These are your cards, and they don’t form part of the community cards. They may also be referred to as hole cards, and the number of cards will depend on the poker variant. Check out more types of poker to see which ones suit you best.


This is where the wagered chips are and is often located in the centre of a poker table. If you win the poker hand, you win whatever has been bet into the pot for that round, minus the casinos share (see rake below).

glossary of poker terms

Unfortunately, not every wager you make into the pot will be paid out. The casino has to take a share and this is referred to as rake.

Ring Game

A ring game is a game of poker where you place a wager during every hand, basically a standard game of poker.


The last of the five community cards


When you play poker, you aim to get the best possible hand and this is Royal Flush. To complete this hand, you will need an ace-high straight flush (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of a suit).


When you can make three of a kind from a pocket pair but it must match one of the cards on the board.

Short Stack

The least amount of chips either when you are around the poker table or during a tournament.

Side Pot

As well as the main pot (see above), there could also be a side pot which is when extra money is bet by remaining players that have not bet all-in (which goes into the main pot). A game could consist of more than one side pot at the same time, but a player who has bet all-in can only win money from a pot they have contributed to.

Sit and Go

This is a term you’re likely to see a lot in casinos and is simply a poker tournament that can only start once a certain number of players have joined. Famous poker players often take part in these kinds of tournaments.

String Bet

This is when you bet in multiple motions. More often than not, the dealer will not allow this bet. Some casinos choose to disregard this bet because it can be used to try and get a reaction from another player before you make your next bet. Potentially this could give you an unfair advantage.


If you or another player changes their behaviour during a poker game, then ‘poker tell’ is this interpretation. It can often reveal if a player has a strong or weak hand, and you can gain an advantage if you can correctly observe your opponents tell.


If you or another player has a series of bad bets you’ll be referred to as ‘on tilt’.

Top Pair

This is a pair that holds the highest card on the board. It means you can pair your card with the highest card on the flop.

Poker Slang Terms

As well as getting to grips with poker terms there are several poker slang terms that you should also be familiar with. Knowing the lingo can help you focus on getting the best poker hand to beat your opponents.

American Airlines

This is simply a slang term for a pair of aces. This can refer to any suit, for example, an ace of spades and an ace of hearts.


A term also used in other games and is simply another word for two.


When this term is used in Poker it means that a player has called an unraised pot during the first betting round and is usually considered as a bad move. Ideally, you should avoid using a limp bet.

Live Bet

This is the amount that can be applied towards a call or raise when it is your turn to act.


This is poker slang for nice. Additionally, NH is slang for a nice hand. If another player types N1 in the chat they are telling you they like your poker hand.


This slang term often refers to a player who is ‘very tight’. One that may only play with premium hands.

Sawdust Joint

This slang refers more to the venue the game is being played rather than the game itself. A sawdust joint often indicates an unpretentious gambling establishment, one that is aimed at the lower end of the market and provides players with less favourable terms.


If you make three of a kind, this can also be referred to as Trips. More often than not this will be used when you have made your three of a king with just one of your cards and two community cards.

Poker Terms and Phrases Used in Everyday Life

And lastly, as we come to the end of the glossary, here are some poker terms and phrases that are often used as part of everyday life with similar meanings.

Poker Face

If you pull a poker face, you intend to mask your true feelings about your hand so other players can’t guess what cards you have. This poker term is also used as an everyday phrase for someone who hides their expressions or true feelings.


We touched on this poker term above that refers to someone who has surrendered their cards and lost a bet. However, the same term also refers to a reaction or comment someone has given during an uncomfortable situation.

Blue Chip

This term is derived from a poker game, and blue chips are usually valued as the highest! Each colour poker chip will have its value, but blue is certainly the most lucrative. Additionally, the term Blue Chip often describes a high-quality company trading on the stock market.

Stacking the Deck

If you stack the deck, you benefit from an unfair advantage by rigging the system to give you a higher house edge. For example, by arranging the cards so that you always win. It also means to arrange something dishonestly to achieve the result you want.

When the Chips are Down

This term refers to a difficult situation that is hard to recover from in everyday life. In poker, it’s often used to describe someone who does not have many chips left and is likely to lose.

Wild Card

In poker, this refers to your lowest card. If this card is designated, and you have any other cards of the same rank, they are also wild. It also refers to a person who can be unpredictable – they’re described as a wild card.

We hope now that you know the lingo, you can better understand poker and use it to create a winning strategy. Good luck!

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