How are Online Mines Game Casino Blackjack Tournaments Structured?

How are Online Mines Game Casino Blackjack Tournaments Structured?

You will find that you are not only going to be able to access and play blackjack games online in the standard way as either a real money player or as a free blackjack game player, but there are a growing number of online casino sites out there who hold a range of daily, weekly or even monthly blackjack tournaments.

There are two different types of blackjack tournament that you are going to be able to access and take part in online, and in this guide we are going to be taking a look at how those two different types of blackjack tournaments have been structured.

It is very true to say that the main attraction for players of online blackjack tournaments is that you will find them very cost effective, and they will give you the chance of playing blackjack online and if you manage to win one of the cash prizes then you will often find those payouts are quite substantial.

If you do fancy pitting your wits against lots of other blackjack players then please read on for below we will enlighten you on just what type of blackjack tournaments are available to players online. We will also let you know at which casinos you are going to find a range of different blackjack game tournaments at, and we also have lots of casino reviews dotted around this website, so finding a top rated casino site to play those tournaments at is going to be easy!

Comp Point Blackjack Tournaments

One type of blackjack tournament that is growing in popularity and one that is only available to real money players is a comp points based blackjack tournament. When you come across a casino offering such a tournament then you need to be aware of how it is structured.

You are simply going to have to play the selected blackjack game or games as you would usually play them in a real money environment. However, to win one of the cash prizes attached to a comp point based slot tournament you have to be one of the players who manages to accumulate the most comp points whilst the tournament is running.

All online casinos these days have a comp or loyalty scheme on offer and when you sign up to those casino sites you are automatically enrolled into those comp and loyalty schemes. When you place real money wagers on any blackjack game you are then awarded a set number of points based on the stakes you are playing for.

Those points are always awarded no matter if you win or lose each hand. The player or players who during any blackjack tournament manage to accumulate the highest number of comp points will then be allocated one of the cash prizes based on just how many points they have managed to earn.

Multi Round Knockout Blackjack Tournaments

Some online casinos usually those that have the Microgaming downloadable gaming platform on offer will give you access to a range of completely free of charge multi round structured blackjack tournaments.

To be able to take part in these types of tournament you will have to register to take part in them when the registration period is open, however being free of charge tournaments they do tend to fill up all of the spaces on offer very quickly, so one tip if you do fancy taking part in any of them is to register as soon as the registration period opens, to guarantee yourself of a place in them!

Once you have register you then have to keep logged into the casino site for as soon as the tournament goes live you will then be allocated a seat around one of the blackjack tournament tables.

The simple aim of these types of blackjack tournaments is to win as much as you can do with your awarded tournament credits, and each player scoring the most point some each table will then progress through to the next round.

Those players who do not score the highest number of points are knocked out of the tournament. When the final few players are then playing on the last open table in the tournament it will be the players who have the most chips left on the final hand dealt out that will pick up one of the cash prizes on offer.


As you can see there are two main types of blackjack tournaments that you are going to be able to take part in online, and with that in mind you may be best off dipping your toes into the water so to speak by taking part in one of the free to enter blackjack tournaments.

Once you have fully mastered the art of playing nay blackjack game optimally and with the best strategy in place then you can progress through to taking par into some of the comp points based tournaments where the cash prize son offer can be much higher than the free or enter online blackjack tournaments!

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