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The hit frequency and winning criteria vary across the board, depending on which progressive slot you play. Smaller jackpots tend to drop more often than those that reach the six- or seven-digit mark. One good example comes from the Micro gaming studio whose progressive slots are linked to a four-tiered jackpot network that awards mini, minor, major, and mega prizes.

According to the studio’s official website, the network has so far awarded over 18.2 million individual prizes that exceed €1.2 billion in total. Out of those, the studio has recorded 14.2 million and 3.9 million individual wins of mini and minor jackpots, whereas major jackpots have been won only 4,606 individual times. The mega jackpot has produced the smallest number of individual wins.


Winning Criteria #1 – Betting the Maximum on Each Spin As for the winning criteria, these differ vastly between progressive slots. Some games require players to wager the maximum amount allowed per spin to qualify for winning. In others, betting the maximum is not a requirement, but the odds of winning the jackpots increase proportionately to your bet size. In other words, the larger your wager, the better your chances of scooping the pot.

Winning Criteria #2 – Aligning Special Symbols on the Reels Some progressive jackpots are symbol-driven in the sense that players must land a combination of rare symbols to collect the pot or trigger the bonus jackpot game. Such is the case in Playtech’s famed Jackpot Giant slot where five wild icons must appear simultaneously on the first payline to award the biggest prize.

Winning Criteria #3 – The Jackpot Can Drop Randomly Even on Losing Spins Let’s use another example from the Playtech progressive suite. The slots from the studio’s Age of the Gods series are linked to a four-level jackpot system, with each of the four progressive pots landing at random. Players do not need to form a particular symbol combination to trigger a progressive prize. They can win a jackpot even on spins that result in no wins within the main game. Furthermore, one’s bet size is irrelevant although your chances decrease if you bet small.


Progressive Jackpots are Created Equal Online Casino

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Jackpot Size and Hit Frequency A jackpot’s size and hit frequency usually depend on what type of progressive slot you play. Progressive games come equipped with a jackpot meter that shows players the current jackpot amount at any given moment. Some online slots have three or four jackpot meters on display because they yield multi-tier prizes.

Respectively, the hit frequency is based on the prize size. Smaller prizes drop more frequently, while massive ones take months to hit. Below, we describe the three main types of progressive jackpots you will come by when playing the slots at real-money online casinos.

Standalone Progressive Jackpots As the name itself suggests, the jackpots of standalone progressives accumulate from a single slot. A nominal portion of each wager players place on the game goes toward the pot. Once the jackpot lands, the casino resets it to its base value and it starts building again. Standalone progressives yield significantly smaller prizes than linked (local) and wide-area jackpot games. Slot designer Novomatic offers some of the most popular standalone jackpot games in the industry, including Big Five, Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes, Dancing Tiger, Pyramid Fortunes, and Goddess Rising.

Linked Progressives Jackpots Here we have several slots linking to a progressive jackpot network at a single casino. The jackpot builds up across all games that are part of the link. Such progressive prizes are also known as local progressive jackpots. The pots here are larger than those awarded in standalone progressives, although not as large as the prizes in wide-area jackpot games. Slots like Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Jackpot Express, Ozwin’s Jackpots, Football Fortunes, Achilles, Cash Bandits 3, and Cleopatra’s Gold are some of the most popular releases with local/linked progressive jackpots.

4Wide-Area Progressive Jackpots In this case, we have a jackpot network that links a progressive jackpot across multiple online casinos that use the same software. One good example is Mega Moolah, a series of online slots which are all part of Microgaming’s jackpot network of the same name. Wide-area progressives are where the truly life-changing jackpots drop. Furthermore, such games reset to six-figure or seven-figure seed amounts, which gives people an incentive to continue playing after somebody has won the pot. The software studios usually supply the seed amounts. Enormous prizes drop in wide-area progressives like Joker Millions by Yggdrasil, Mega Fortune by NetEnt, Age of the Gods by Playtech, and Mega Moolah and Major Millions by Microgaming.


More progressive jackpots mines games tips fall

More progressive jackpots mines games tips fall


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Why Progressive Jackpot Tracking Can Pay Dividends in Mines Games Casino

Why Progressive Jackpot Tracking Can Pay Dividends in Mines Games Casino

If you have been looking through many of our casino game playing articles and guides, it will not have escaped your notice that there are plenty of different progressive jackpot awarding casino games you can play online, and those are the games to play if you want the chance of winning a life changing jackpot!

However, one way that you can utilize to help you decide just which progressive slot games to play is by becoming a player who tracks the jackpots on offer on a range of different progressive slot games.

By tracking the jackpots and finding out when on average each jackpot is won and paid out to players you will be in a much better position to determine just which slot games may be worth playing and which ones you should avoid playing!

Every established slot machine that you will come across will have a track record in regards to paying out its jackpot, and with that in mind below we are going to let you know when you should be playing certain progressive jackpot slots due to their jackpot amounts being higher in value than the amount they are usually won at.

Cash Splash Microgaming Slot

One slot game that is very easy to find out when it tends to award its progressive jackpots is the Cash Splash slot, which is one of many slot games designed by Microgaming that is available at a very large number of online and mobile casino sites.

When you fancy getting stuck into playing that very well established and quite elderly slot you have two different versions of it available, both of which require you to have to place a 3.00 stake to have a chance of winning its progressive jackpots. The first slot is a three reel single pay line version of the Cash Splash slot whilst the other version if a 15 pay line video slot.

Over the years the Cash Splash slot has paid out many millions of Pounds, Euros and Dollars to jackpot winners. On average the jackpot is paid out every 13 hours and the average amount that players win via the progressive jackpot is a very respectable $/€/£38,738.

Therefore if you are every tempted to play either of the two Cash Splash slot games then be aware that they are networked together so they do share the same jackpot pool, and you should only try and play it when the current jackpot displayed on its jackpot meter is over $/€/£38,738 in value!

Mega Fortune Slot

You will also find plenty of huge paying progressive jackpot slot games are going to be available to you at casino sites that have on offer the huge and ever growing range of NetEnt designed slots and one that does get a lot of attention from slot players is the Mega Fortune slot.

When playing that slot you could win one of three different valued progressive jackpots via a very unusual and unique wheel spinning type of bonus game, that bonus game is triggered by spun in bonus symbols so any base game spin you play off could see you triggering that potentially life changing bonus game!

You will of course need to know when would be the very best time to play the Mega Fortune slot if you fancy trying your luck on it, and that is when the jackpot is higher than its average payout amount which for reference is €3,652,117. You will have to wait on average 65 days between each jackpot being won, so only consider playing this slot when its jackpot is higher than that value!


The one thing that you do need to keep in mind when you are playing any type of progressive slot game is that there may be a way of playing each individual slot to be guaranteed of having a chance of winning the jackpot.

Some slots will require you to have to put into play maximum pay line or max bet spins to win a progressive jackpot, and failing to do so will see you having no chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

On the other hand some progressive slot games will ward their jackpots completely at random either via the base game or via some form or bonus game or bonus feature to players playing for any stake.

With that in mind and to ensure you never miss out on winning a progressive jackpot when playing slot game online or on a mobile device, we would urge you to always read through the pay tables attached to any progressive slots you are about to play. By doing so you will then find out just how you must play a slot to have any chance of winning its progressive jackpot or jackpots!


When you win a Progressive Jackpot Online Mines Games Casino, what happens?

When you win a Progressive Jackpot Online Mines Games Casino, what happens?

You may have played numerous different progressive jackpot awarding games online, and may not yet have been lucky enough to have won one of them! However, if those are the types of online casino games you do religiously play then you may be wondering just what happens when you do actually win one of them.

If so, then please do spend some time reading through this guide for below we will explain what initially happens when that often once in a life time progressive jackpot is won by any player and the procedure in regards to how the casino will then verify that win and will then pay it out.

Keep in mind however that the actual number and types of progressive jackpots games is always on the increase and you are therefore going to find a huge number of different categories of casino games that do give players the chance of walking off with a huge amount of cash.

The range of games that you will now find offer progressive jackpots are of course slot games, but you will also find that you can play card and table games as well as lots of different video poker games on which a progressive jackpot is there for the taking too.

Winning a Progressive Jackpot

When you are lucky enough to win a progressive jackpot then the usual procedure is that a message will flash up on the slot game screen of the slot you are playing and when playing at an online casino or mobile casino site those winnings will be instantly credited to your casino account balance.

Hat will also happen is that the value of the jackpot you have just won will then instantly be reset to the seed value of that jackpot and as such it will then start to rise in value as more and more players play that slot.

However, it is true to say that many players will go into shock when they win a mega amount of money and it is not unheard of for such players to then contact the casino support team at the casino site they are playing at to get it confirmed they have just won that jackpot, even though the cash is available in their account balance!

With so many progressive jackpots on offer someone somewhere each ay will win at least one of them and sometimes lots of jackpots can be won on the very same day!

Being Paid Out a Progressive Jackpot Payout

Now, one thing that will be on your mind when you win a sizeable amount of cash from any progressive jackpot awarding casino game is just how long you are going to have to wait to get paid out your winnings.

Many casinos will congratulate you on your jackpot win and will pull out all of the stops to ensure your jackpot is paid out to you quickly and some casinos both online and mobile casinos even pay the jackpot via one single lump sum payout.

However, many casino sites will force you to have to withdraw a set amount of cash each day, each week or even each month, and by making the mistake of playing at such a casino site will see you being drip fed your jackpot which could take the casino many years to pay you out that jackpot payout in full!

Microgaming powered casinos are obliged to payout their jackpot winners in one payment and quickly too so you are going to be much better off playing at those casino sites as they will never make you wait to get paid out your winnings, and those winnings will be on their way to you once you have requested a withdrawal.


As you have just discovered it could take you a long time to get paid out your progressive jackpot winnings when playing at some casino sites, and when you have won a huge amount of cash you will always want to get paid out those winnings rapidly and with no long and drawn out time delays.

We would therefore invite you to take a good look through our selection of top rated casino sites, for every single one of those handpicked casinos are going to pay you out your winnings quickly and always by a method that is convenient to you.

If you are ever lucky enough to win a progressive jackpot of any size, then a soon as your jackpot winnings has been credited to your casino account balance make sure that the very next thing you do is to visit the banking or cashiers section of that casino site and withdraw a huge chunk or even the entire jackpot payout, for the sooner you do so the sooner it will be paid out to you!


Can I Win Two Jackpots in Quick Succession in Mines Games Casino?

Can I Win Two Jackpots in Quick Succession in Mines Games Casino?

You are always going to have a chance of winning a slot games jackpot as long as you are playing a slot game that is, however the value of some online slot game jackpots are so huge in size it is often a once in a lifetime achievement winning one of them!

However, one question that we often get asked by real money online slot players is whether it is possible to win two jackpots in quick succession when playing the same slot game.

Well, as every single slot you will come across at any of our listed and approved online casino sites are completely random you do have a chance, albeit a small one of winning two jackpots in quick succession!

This guide is going to be giving you an insight into which slots have jackpots on offer that do tend to get won much more regularly than the jackpots attached and on offer on other slot games.

So if you are looking to put together a listing of slots to play that could see you winning one or more jackpots much more regularly, then please read on for there are several slots listed below that do offer you the chance of doing just that!

Slots Offering the Best Odds of Your Winning Their Jackpots

The slot games which are going to award their respective jackpots much more regularly than other slot games will be the ones which have the lowest valued jackpots, and as such you should be looking for a slot game to play that has a jackpot on offer that pays 1000 coins or less.

Many of the classic and three reel slot games on offer at various different casino sites will have low valued jackpots and as such locating a three reel slot to play that could award you with more than one jackpot payout in quick succession will be easy!

Look out for some of the three reel slots that offer a different valued jackpot on each individual payline, for there is going to be plenty of chances of you actually winning the jackpots when playing such slots with every single payline in live play.

Three will also be lots of video slots which do come with low valued jackpots too, so if you much prefer playing video slot offering additional bonus games then you will have no shortages of those games on offer to you too!

Random Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

The slot games offering you the very best odds of winning a progressive jackpot are the new breed of random jackpot slots on which you can win more than one jackpot on any spin you play off.

With that in mind you should consider playing at casinos such as those that use the Microgaming, Real Time Gaming or Playtech gaming platforms and their range of slot games of by doing so you will find lots of different random jackpot slots on offer.

As there are more than one progressive jackpot on offer on these types of slot games and as the lower valued jackpots get won every few minutes or so no matter when you play them or for what stake amount you play them for you do stand a much greater chance of winning one of their jackpots than you ever would playing any online slot machines offering just one single progressive jackpot.

Just make sure that you do try our several random jackpot slots as there are many additional bonus games each of them individually offers many of which you will love triggering and then playing off!


You are always going to be in the hands of Lady Luck in regards to whether you are going to win a jackpot when playing slot games and slot machines, no matter where you choose to play them, however the more spins you play off over time the greater your chances will be of finally winning a jackpot!

There are several ways that you can therefore play off more base game spins on any slot games, one way will be by you making use of as many high valued deposit match type casino bonuses for the amount of bonus credits those bonuses award you with will then in turn allow you to play off many more spins per session when utilizing those bonus funds.

Also, do consider lowering the actual stake values that you play online slot games for, as the vast majority of such slots will offer you plenty of different staking options and by keeping your stake levels as low as is possible then that in turn will allow you to play off even more spins than you normally would do when playing for slightly higher stake amounts, good luck and let’s hope you do bag a jackpot sooner rather than later!


What are Progressive Jackpot Seed Values in Online Mines Game Casino?

What are Progressive Jackpot Seed Values in Online Mines Game Casino?

Progressive jackpot games are quite common at most gambling sites, and one terms that’s often related but never really understood by amateurs is ‘progressive jackpot seed values’. What are progressive jackpot seed values? Does one get them, win them, or what? Rest assured you are about to find out.

Progressive jackpot seeds are the starting point for every jackpot, the root from which the pot grows. But we’ll explain it in greater detail right below, and even provide examples of popular jackpot seed pots.

What Are Jackpot Seeds?

Progressive jackpots got their name from the fact that their sizes grow with each bet. Players’ wagers – at least a part of them – goes toward the pot, and the pot (the amount that can be won) grows with each wager.

A lucky player will eventually win the jackpot, and when that happens, the entire sum goes to the player’s pockets. Immediately after that, the sum of the pot – the jackpot – resets to the starting point, or the jackpot seed. In progressive jackpots, the jackpot seed is important as it hints at the potential size of the jackpot in the future. Mega Moolah, one of the most famous progressive jackpot games, has a seed of 1,000, 000.

We shall now present some of the most popular progressive slots and give an overview of each of their respective seed values.

3-Reel Progressive Slot Game Seed Values

Let us give you a quick run through of the progressive slot game seed values that you will find attached to the slots which are part of Microgaming’s range of progressive slots. Or better yet, Games Global progressive jackpots, as they now all belong to Games Global.

The following slots are available as 3-reel slots, however, some of these slot games are also available as video progressive slots. Regardless, both slots of the same name do share the same progressive jackpot prize pools and as such, the seed values are the same.

The Major Millions slot boasts a 1.00 fixed coin value however you do need to play maximum stake and payline spins to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot, and as soon as it is won the jackpot will be resent to a seed value of some 250,000.00.

The Fruit Fiesta slot is one of the lower cost progressive slot games you can play as the coin values and the maximum stake per spin is low in size and that does of course mean that the seed value of the progressive jackpot is quite low in size too and the seed value of the Fruit Fiesta slot for reference is 800.00.

One other slot game you may enjoy playing if you want to have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot is the LotsaLoot slot game and this slot is available as a 3 reel slot and the seed value available on it is 2,500.00.

Progressive Video Slot Game Seed Values

As there are four randomly awarded progressive jackpots on offer on the Mega Moolah series of slots and we shall now give you a quick run through of each of those jackpots seed values. Mega Moolah is a quite old progressive slot game which you may enjoy playing. Historically speaking, it made so many players millionaires as it stands behind some of the biggest jackpot wins of all time, so we understand many punters want to give it a few spins.

The Mini Jackpot seed value is 10.00, the Minor Jackpot seed value is 100, the Major Jackpot has a seed value of 10,000 and the Mega Jackpot has a huge seed value of some 1,000,000!

Another popular progressive jackpot slot is the Treasure Nile slot boasting a seed value of 40,000.


Due to you now knowing what the jackpot seed values are on a range of different online progressive slot games that will enable you to take a look at the list of those types of slot game offered at any online casino site and to be able to see for yourself just how much the jackpots have increased by in value since they were last won.

You should keep in mind however that progressive jackpots can occasionally be won in very quick succession by one or more players, and as such never be put off playing a progressive jackpot if its jackpot has been won recently, and with some luck in playing you could win the current jackpot in a single spin.

However, as soon as a progressive jackpot does grow in value to a huge amount of cash you will find more and more players do tend to get stuck into playing it which in turns means the jackpot will grow even quicker than it usually does, and the more overdue a jackpot is the more chances there will be of it being awarded to a player sooner rather than later!