Bankroll Management for Online Mines Games Pattern Slot Play

Bankroll Management for Online Mines Games Pattern Slot Play

Slot play is for grown-ups. Is it thrilling? Absolutely! Can it make players feel like kids again? At times, yes!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes with a jackpot win, or a favorite bonus triggered, or watching one’s balance grow.

But for all of that, gambling is decidedly an adults-only activity. And it should be treated as such!

This means betting responsibly.

That’s right: for serious punters, proper bankroll management isn’t an option it’s absolutely essential.

But what does good bankroll management look like, exactly?

Read on to find out! Here are some can’t-miss strategies to take your play to the next level.

First and foremost, since slot gaming is so exhilarating, players should make their bankroll decisions before the reels start to spin.

Think of it as a key part of strategy.

Just as no serious player would commit much time or resources to a title without knowing anything about it, neither can he or she afford to place bets without planning ahead for how much they can afford to risk:

Determine how much you have to play with within a given time period, and then stick to it. Remember: if you can’t afford to lose it, you can’t afford to wager it!

Once players know what their bankroll looks like, it follows that they should select titles that fit well within their means.

Generally speaking, a punter’s bankroll should be at least 100x the per spin bet, maybe as high as 300x depending on variance.

Keep in mind that, even if a title has favorable RTP percentage, sometimes the best bonuses are only accessible when playing at max bet levels.

And no matter the bet level, never play a game with RTP below 95%!

When a player has determined his or her total bankroll and selected some suitable titles chosen, it’s time for the next step:

For each gaming session, set both a win goal and a loss limit.

Maybe that win goal is a fixed amount. Maybe it’s a 20% or 30% gain on the session’s bankroll allotment. Whatever limit you select, remember that, over time, all slot machines will make players lose money. The key is to quit while ahead!

What’s more, a loss limit and a gamer’s total bankroll aren’t the same thing!

Say, for example, a punter likes to play as often as 15-20 times per month. If they lose their entire monthly bankroll during the first two gaming sessions, what are they going to do for the next four weeks?

Such a player would be wise to set a per-session loss limit of 5-7% of their monthly bankroll.

Just like other elements of solid play, win goals and loss limits should be revised as punters gain experience and perspective, and as their personal finances change. Keep reviewing our guides for winning slot play to continue growing as a player!

Casinos are always looking for ways to boost their bottom line. One of their favorite strategies is to speed up play.

Whether at the blackjack tables, in poker rooms, or at the slots, they have figured out that more bets per hour translates into more profit for the house.

Our advice? If faster play helps the house, do the opposite!

Slow your play down. Slots have never offered such intricate visuals, complex bonus features, or immersive gameplay as they do today. These trends are only likely to continue in the future.

So take advantage of these features! Watch the win sequences in their entirety. Don’t engage the auto-spin. If you’re playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, strike up conversations with those around you. Savor the moment, wherever you are.

Slower play means better game decisions, and generally speaking, more enjoyment as well. Speaking of which…

This last point may seem obvious, but…

… punting is supposed to be fun!

Unlike the game of poker, sports betting, or the stock market, there is no such thing as a professional slot player. Of course jackpots and big wins are the goal, and are tremendous when they arrive. But playing the slots shouldn’t feel like a job no matter what.

If a given session isn’t providing pleasure, our advice is to stop. Either take a walk before continuing, or conclude the session and try again another time.

Life is too short not to enjoy something meant to be pleasurable!

Q: How much money do I need for my bankroll? Give me a number.

A: It depends on your goals, and on your finances!

The answer is different for every punter. For people of means, choosing too small a bankroll would take away the element of risk. For people of modest means, choosing too large an amount can create serious problems.

Generally speaking, the absolute minimum bankroll for a session would be 100x the total bet.

Q: Should I keep my winning separate from my bankroll?

A: This is a classic question.

Most players like to spend their winnings on something special… from a nice dinner out on the town to a new car, depending on the size of the win!

Others like to use their wins to up the stakes.

Since the answer doesn’t affect winning percentages, there’s no real right or wrong answer. Make the choice ahead of time, though (see section 1 above), so that the thrill of the moment doesn’t overrule your mind!

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