7 In-Game Tactics to Immediately Improve Your Blackjack Mines Games Bonus

7 In-Game Tactics to Immediately Improve Your Blackjack Mines Games Bonus

When it comes to deciding which table game reigns supreme, blackjack is an obvious contender that’s tough to beat.

The game is one of the quintessential casino games and can be enjoyed by any gambler, regardless of skill level. A player’s odds of winning at blackjack are better than almost any other game.

Another element that adds to the appeal of blackjack is its simplicity. But perhaps most importantly, the game is extremely entertaining. It may be easy to learn, but there is always room for improvement when playing.

If you’re looking to further develop as a player, here are seven in-game tactics to immediately improve your blackjack game.

1 ‒ Always Understand Basic Strategy

One of the primary keys to success when gambling is adequate preparation. If you fail to prepare, you are setting yourself up to fail at the casino.

Luckily for players, blackjack is very straightforward and easy to learn. The rules are simple, but the strategy is a bit more advanced.

Unlike other games, there is one empirical school of thought and strategy that each gambler should follow. That piece of information can either work in your favor or be detrimental to success.

For those who follow this basic strategy completely, you typically have nearly a 50% chance to win money. Unfortunately, the only way to shift the odds in your favor is by learning to count cards.

Those odds might sound tantalizing, but issues can arise when trying to apply that strategy while playing. Blackjack moves at a quick pace, and if you’re not used to it, you might struggle to keep up.

Additionally, certain players think that they can outsmart the game and with their own strategic approach. That’s simply not true. To succeed at blackjack, you need to know basic strategy like the back of your hand.

2 ‒ Don’t Turn Easy Losses Into Wins

Sometimes, you might come face to face with a few difficult decisions when playing real money blackjack. It can often seem appealing to try to improve your positioning and attempt to capitalize on good fortune.

This situation usually presents itself in several ways. Typically, inexperienced blackjack players feel compelled to commit various errors that seem like the correct move.

The Most Common Is Splitting 10s

When players are dealt two 10s, their chances of winning that particular hand skyrocket. But less skilled players might feel inclined to hit it big and score two blackjacks. This is one of the most egregious and frustrating mistakes you can make.

Yet it happens more often than you might think. When you find yourself in a favorable position, don’t try to press your luck.

Playing winning blackjack is possible by playing mistake-free and committing zero unforced errors. Trying to be aggressive is often the wrong move and can cost you easy wins.

3 ‒ Take Your Time When Your Hand’s Between 12 and 16

Some of the most aggravating, anxiety-inducing hands in blackjack are those that fall between 12 and 16. When you are on the receiving end of these hands, it can cause you to start overthinking.

Instead of succumbing to stress, opt to attack these hands skillfully according to basic strategy. As I mentioned earlier, basic strategy provides a road map for every single possible hand in blackjack.

For blackjack beginners, this strategy is conveniently contained on a card that you can bring to play. If you are unsure about your basic knowledge of the game, consider picking up one of these cards before you gamble.

When dealing with these types of hands, make sure to take a breath and analyze the table. You should never feel pressed to decide, and most players don’t care if you take a few extra seconds.

These hands are where solid blackjack players keep their heads above water. Being dealt a blackjack is easy, but pulling out a win when you’re dealt a bad hand is a sign of a quality player.

4 ‒ Ignore Other Players

Other blackjack players might not have your best interest at heart. Additionally, there’s a substantial portion of blackjack players who don’t know how to play the game well.

Blackjack is a game of both luck and skill. Because of this, individual gamblers attempt to establish that they are better than they are.

You see, no one can truly claim to know how to play a game like slots better than someone else. Slots are entirely random, as are a majority of casino games. But when it comes to blackjack, some gamblers are better than others. Typically, the best of the best are able to count cards and play by perfect strategy.

They also understand that other players have no impact on their hand. However, some gamblers who aren’t qualified to advise other players feel obligated to do just that.

If you know you’re playing by the book, tune out dissenters. Some players think their methods are superior and will offer you terrible advice that can destroy your chances of winning.

5 ‒ Never Hit a Hard 17

Getting dealt a 17 puts you in an incredibly uncomfortable position. It’s not a great hand, but it could be worse. However you come to a hard 17, you should always stand. It might seem tempting to try to catch a low card and improve your hand, but the odds of that happening are slim.

I frequently see bad players hit a 17 when the dealer is showing either a 10 or an ace. In a last-ditch effort, players will try to compete against a dealer’s potentially superior hand and hit.

In all likelihood, you’re going to bust if you hit a 17. Some experts argue that you should always assume the dealer has a 10 facing down.

I don’t know if I agree with that assessment, but it’s fair to assume that their hand is better than yours, given the circumstances. But if the dealer ends up having a 5 underneath their 10, your 17 starts to look pretty good.

It’s one of the more challenging moves to make in blackjack, but you should always exercise self-control when you’re dealt a 17. The odds are you’ll bust if you take another card, giving you no chance of winning.

6 ‒ Approach Each Hand the Same Way

There are few things more exciting than being dealt a blackjack. That feeling of relief knowing you get to rest on your winnings for a few seconds, combined with the increased payout, is wonderful.

It’s easy to get caught up in that momentary excitement, especially if you’re at a lively table. But you can’t let that emotional high carry into the next hand.

Similarly, if you catch a bad break and the dealer steals a win out of nowhere, you need to leave that negativity behind.

Having good short-term memory is crucial to your success at the blackjack table. When you are unable to do so, your emotional peaks and valleys can influence your play in subsequent hands.

If you lose control of your emotions, you’re effectively ruining your chances of playing winning blackjack.

7 ‒ Keep Your Betting Amount Consistent

Carrying over the logic from the previous point, betting amounts should mostly remain consistent with every hand.

This needs to be mentioned because several popular betting systems in blackjack involve progressive betting. These systems include raising or decreasing bets based on the outcomes of previous hands.

The only circumstance players should consider utilizing these systems is if they are competent at counting cards. Otherwise, they should stick to flat betting.

The main reason players should keep bet amounts consistent is for the sake of profit. Players have no sure-fire way of knowing which cards they will be dealt. Increasing your bet after wins for the sake of attempting to win more money faster is short-sighted and often ineffective.

Additionally, players who vary their betting amounts expose themselves to emotional swings.


In this post, I’ve discussed several methods you can use to immediately improve your chances at the blackjack table. These practices can be applied by any type of player with any level of skill.

The most impactful of these tips is to learn basic strategy inside and out. You should never be caught at the table wavering between potential moves.

If you’re ever unsure, consider consulting the dealer or even other players if you get desperate. Most are willing and able to help guide you through tough hands.

When dealt a hand between 12 and 16, always take extra time to analyze the cards on the table. These hands are the most challenging to win and can be the difference between winning and losing money.

In blackjack, consistency is key. That means it’s important to approach each hand the same way and never let emotion creep into your style of play.

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